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Irish fashion brand

Ireland has a fashion style that is quite well known. Now more and more designers are coming in this country and internationally for their expertise and ingenuity. As Irish design institutions continue to produce some of the most promising new talents from contemporary fashion, be sure to note the names of the ten stars that have sprung up so you will hear a lot. Here are some well-known Irish fashion brands


Founded by Emma Manley Graphic Design Academy graduate in 2010, Manley has developed into one of the leading contemporary fashion labels in Ireland. Making his professional debut under pioneering designers in New York and London – including none other than Alexander McQueen – Emma has gone on to form a refreshingly distinctive young label and deservedly was confident. He described the aesthetic as having ‘tense femininity’, combining soft folds and ruffles with sharp stitches and modern fabrics.

Petria Lenehan

Petria Lenehan’s beautiful modest outfit is inspired by the natural beauty of the Irish landscape. Paring his design back to their purest denominator, he has produced a modern line of high quality that is worn everyday that is amazing in its simplicity. Now based in New York, his works are still made in a workshop in Dublin, using Donegal wool, Irish linen, British cotton ventilation, and Scottish cashmere

Umit Kultuk

Another graduate from the Grafton Graphic Design Academy, born in Turkey Umit Kutlukfounded its brand in 2011, before opening the Merrion Square workshop where it now produces its seasonal and haute fashion and haute collections. The aim is to create a ‘new interpretation of minimalist chic’ through the use of hand-cut fabric, which is designed with a soft and soft decoration.