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Irish fashion brand

Ireland has a fashion style that is quite well known. Now more and more designers are coming in this country and internationally for their expertise and ingenuity. As Irish design institutions continue to produce some of the most promising new talents from contemporary fashion, be sure to note the names of the ten stars that… (read more)

Family Crest & Coat of Arms

We are currently featuring a collection of Sweatshirts, Tee Shirts, Caps and Mugs, customized with your very own carefully researched authentic family coat-of-arms. Our collection currently has over 600 Irish Family surnames. The transfer process we use to apply the coat-of-arms to your garment is called sublimation, which bonds the artwork to the fabric and… (read more)

Aran Knits

Aran knitwear is as valued today as it was in medieval times – it is said in the Book of Kells that Daniel was depicted wearing an Aran jersey with socks to match! Originally, whilst their womenfolk spun the wool from the natural fleece, the fisherman knitted the garments using goose quills for needles. They… (read more)

claddagh & celtic wedding rings

(A) Claddagh Wide Band Wedding Ring (Wide sizing advised) Code Desc. $ CDN $ US S2309 14k Gold $ 475.00 $ 325.00 S2534 10k Gold $ 295.00 $ 210.00 (B) Claddagh Narrow Band Wedding Ring Code Desc. $ CDN $ US S2305 14k Gold $ 350.00 $ 245.00 S2533 10k Gold $ 235.00 $ 165.00… (read more)

Irish Jewellery

The Traditional Claddagh Ring, Standard weight or Heavy weight.A: Men’s 10k and 14k Gold B: Ladies’ 10k and 14k Gold C: Small Ladies 10k and 14k Gold Click here to view Larger picture and prices Irish Celtic Crosses A. Tiny Hand Engraved 14k, 10k, & Silver B. Large Hand Engraved 14k, 10k, & Silver C…. (read more)

Irish Celtic Crosses

Item Height Catalog # Gold Desc $ Cdn $ US A. Tiny Hand Engraved Charm 3/4″ 15mm S8193 14k $45.00 $30.00 A. Tiny Hand Engraved Charm 3/4″ 15mm S8458 10k $39.00 $25.00 B. Large Hand Engraved 1 1/4″ 30mm S8100 14k $135.00 $95.00 B. Large Hand Engraved 1 1/4″ 30mm S8466 10k $95.00 $65.00 C…. (read more)

The Traditional Claddagh Ring

Heavy Weight Ring Catalog # Desc $ Cdn $ US A. Men S2233 14k Gold $305.00 $205.00 A. Men S2529 10k Gold $195.00 $130.00 B. Ladies S2234 14k Gold $245.00 $165.00 B. Ladies S2528 10k Gold $169.00 $115.00 C. Maids Ring S2284 14k Gold $150.00 $100.00 D. Junior Not Available Also Available in Standard Weight… (read more)

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